Red Leash Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit adult and senior dog rescue located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Our mission is to provide refuge, love and care to abandoned, surrendered or discarded dogs in our community.  Red Leash Rescue works with animal control facilities across Fairfield County, taking in adult and senior dogs that have been overlooked by potential adopters or are having difficulty in facility.  Once a dog has become part of our program they are bathed and taken to the vet for a well check. They are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.  We work closely with our trusted vets to assure that we are aware of any concerns with our rescues health.  RLR rescues are fostered in private homes where they are able to decompress from their experience in the shelter or neglect.  They are cared for, trained as needed, and medical issues are addressed in preparation for a successful placement in a permanent home.

Our long term goal is to complement our foster network with a RLR Home for Adult/Senior Dogs. This will allow us to pull and house up to 10 dogs in a home setting. During their stay our rescues will be socialized, given playtime and training as well as addressing healthcare concerns as needed. Potential adopters and volunteers will be able to interact with available dogs and observe them in a natural home setting.  Adult and Seniors unable to be adopted out will have the opportunity to live the remainder of their lives in our RLR Home, as part of a pack, cherished and cared for until their quality of life is to poor to continue.